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When Your Dog Has an Allergic Reaction…

We all love our dog’s unconditionally and are totally devastated when something happens to them. Most of all, when it happened because of your own stupidity. For example, spraying foaming carpet cleaner on a spot and realizing you don’t have a towel only to come back and find one of your beloved babies decided, that foam looked delicious!

Then what? We race to the bottle, with little help from the label, look on the internet and find the ingredient list. It reads no known long term affects from ingestion chemical burns possible give excessive water. So I give them a big drink of water and a little milk to coat the stomach and think everything will be okay. Right? In a perfect world, this would be the end of it. In our world however, it’s never that easy.

The truth is, not ten minutes after the milk one of my pup’s face started to swell eyes were getting tight and I didn’t know what to do! I called my Mom, MOM WHAT SHOULD I DO!! She said Benadryl, I thought what? Okay so I looked up the recommended dose and it is 1mg per pound, fantastic! 1 25 mg tablet should do the trick. Within thirty minutes of making sure the airway remained open and praying it worked her swelling was reducing a bit the itching had gone away and we were on our way back to normal.

Thankfully one sleepless night and everything is okay, had I not had Benadryl at home, it could have been disastrous! Which is why I decided to put this out there. Please create an emergency dog bag kit, various things like Benadryl, emergency water, Pepto Bismol, Peroxide, and Asprin are all great to have. You can find pre-made dog kits like this one.

Or you can make your own. Either way, please keep a little stock pile for your fur babies just in case.

Oh and as of now everyone is pleasantly dreaming away! See you soon with an adventure from the trail, thanks for reading! Four tails and a Mom!

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