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What A Beautiful Run

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Today, much like the last four days, was cold yet sunny and beautiful! After a short cruise in my truck to assess the condition of local trails and a Subway sandwich, I decided it was a good day for a training run and a visit to the river.

It started out like any other first runs in forever, the second I put the harness on him Titan was jacked up and going crazy. Saturn the more experienced was chill for a bit but even the excitement got the best of him! The girls were like oh harnesses, whatever… and continued to chew on anything they can get in their mouths.

I parked by the baseball park, Titan’s favorite spot, that was a huge mistake as my ears are STILL ringing from Titan howling he wanted to play so bad! Unfortunately there is four feet of snow, which basically renders fences pointless, for now. Therefore, he cried and howled until we were on the move.

Okay back to the run. Once we were harnessed up we were immediately tangled, it took a minute to get lined out but once we did we were on the move. Everyone moving in sync with each other, seemingly moving much faster than usual.

Was it the sun barely gleaming through the trees, the trail silent except for the sound of my crampons hitting the snow, or the liquid in my eyeballs freezing? Maybe all of the above but no doubt we were moving fast!

Once the initial adrenaline wore off we paced it out and headed up the trail at a decent five to six mph pace. Everything was great for a minute, then Phoebe decided she was tired of running and wanted to fight, so I swapped Saturn from lead to wheel and Caly to lead with Titan.

I was totally impressed with Caly she was focused and followed my commands exactly. Titan not so good but Caly kept him in line. Saturn did great with Phoebe keeping her from fighting.

We were back to the truck in no time, so we kept on going to the river. Up and over a seven foot snow bank and we were on our way. Down a narrow trail with powder on both sides. Titan opted for the powder and rolled and pushed his body all over in it. Once through the short trail, all the way down to the river was completely powder making our own trails all the way. Caly fell over on her side and let the boys pull her like she was a sled! At first I thought she was hurt then I realized she was making them pull her on purpose! Ha imagine that a sledding snow dog!

The river is mostly frozen with a crystal clear layer of ice. They were very cautious of it at first and the girls watched the boys very carefully. I went out there with my crampons to make sure it was safe and called them out to get a drink. Saturn is well versed in rivers and Titan has grown up on this one so he knows but the girls, it was Phoebe’s first time and Caly’s second. They were looking at it like what the hell is that? And why are those rocks trapped underneath me? It was actually adorable.

I cupped some water in my hand to show them but they still wouldn’t drink it unless I hand fed it to them. They will figure it out eventually.

On the run back to the truck we had a little tangle but I was able to rearrange the team and get Saturn back at lead. The jog back to the truck was short but I’m glad I had Saturn up there because Titan’s brain was in squirrel mode.

Once back to the truck, Saturn jumped right in Titan thought about it for a minute but made it. I lifted the girls in and before I could get my gear off Caly was in my seat, passed out face buried in the seat and butt up in the air. Almost like she face planted and passed out! Apparently the exercise was just what she needed.


Overall, it was a good run. I think I learned to be more bold and teach them to run in all positions as this will be an amazing team when they are grown. As for me I am off to build a sled from my snowboard, so the next run might be a bit more interesting. Thanks for reading, be back soon with some crazy adventures and tales from Four Tails and a Mom!

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