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We Need a New Trail

This morning was a great morning to run! Saturn was even excited. I hooked him up first and he was all about it, but he seems to get distracted and fizzle out fast. I pushed him to go a little faster and he did pretty well but he is not focused. I need to take him to a real trail and hook all of them up as a team. In fact, I think I know just the place. I couldn’t go last time because two couldn’t pull me in the wet areas but I think the four of them can do it. So we will try that next!

As for the ride, it was productive! I learned his faster command; apparently I have been doing it wrong. I know now though! Look out we’re about to get FASTER! HEHE

Titan and the girls went together this run, Phoebe is a fighter and Caly tolerates it for a minute but I think I am going to have to separate them on the line. Maybe Saturn and Phoebe wheel and Titan Caly lead, I’m not sure yet.

The run was crazy! Full on riding my brakes down the driveway and onto the trail, these three are FAST! I clocked us at 16mph on the way home! I had to ride the brake the whole way, they were tearing it up. Good thing we only did a mile and a half!

On the ride there was a kid walking his husky, I veered into the river so they could get a drink while the boy passed by and we were off again. There is nothing like the feel of the wind on your face at forty five degrees Fahrenheit, and a team of dogs throwing dirt and mud in your face! Man I love this!

Once we were in front of our house they knew they were home and lost total focus, but we made it and are raring for another cool morning! See you there! Four tails and a Mom…

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