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These Old Shoes

These old shoes made it one season of hiking and running attached to two mega powerful sled dogs. Over the course of about five months we ascended the North Face of Mount Alyeska numerous times, Hiked Crow Creek, The Historic Iditarod Trail and plowed through rivers, mud holes, and some very rugged trails. Most of this on foot but some on by bike as well. When adding up the miles, it was well over 100 hiking about 50 running and who knows how far on the bike.

This year we added two more pups to the mix, and these old shoes while very comfortable and a whole lot of sole, the blown out sides and ripped eyelet justified the retirement of said well loved shoes. I digress, I needed a new pair. Do I stick with these affordable Saucony’s

Or go for something new? Over time my experience with shoes has been lackluster to say the least. I ruin them about as fast as I buy them so I look for both comfort and use. I had a pair of Merrell’s like these, which I just shipped to my Mom for Mother’s Day.

They lasted FOREVER! Literally about 4 years that is a record for me, so I thought about getting another pair of those, but I really needed a light weight pair with extra support and stability. I was looking for comfort but durability with mad tread. You know something with soul… ha ha OK sole, that I could hike AND run in. Nothing against my well worn Merrell’s they definitely did the trick for hiking, and if your into something long lasting and comfortable these are the shoes for you.

After some mad research I found two shoes I liked on Amazon, the Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner, which my friend who hikes and climbs all over the nation recommend;

or the La Sportiva Bushido Women’s Trail Running Shoe, from a company I had never even heard of.

After much deliberation and while I love the look of the Salomn’s I picked the La Sportiva.

Caly approves! I chose these because they have all the features I wanted. Comfort, light weight but sturdy in the common blow out areas. My favorite feature is the IMPACT BREAK SYSTEM, it is said to “provide excellent stability on steep descents; outsole lugs provide traction even on off camber or slick muddy trails”.  Yep that’s exactly what I need when hooked up to a team of crazy running mushing dogs.

After receiving the shoes I am very happy with them. I immediately put them on and took them for a run down my steep gravel driveway, Titan pulling me the whole way. I absolutely LOVE the tread and the light weight, they will be well loved for at least one season but hopefully two, as we are planning on exploring and gold mining many creeks accessed through rugged trails.

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