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Yes! Finally, the rain went away for a day and came back as snow. It has been a LONG time since we ran due to a wrist injury and the rain. The last time we went, the trail was FLOODED, seriously we would of been swimming. I opted for a briskly paced walk back home that day.

I know I am being a sissy girl so I sucked it up and got out there. The initial plan was to take the paved trail about a half mile then take the tunnel and try out a new trail.

These boys were so excited to go it was hard to stay on my feet let alone get them focused. I grabbed a couple of dog bags from the dispenser and we were off. Titan stopped to do business in front of a huge meadow we snowboard on in the winter and when I picked it up, they pulled me down the hill and into the meadow. I am assuming this was partially because of the fresh snow and maybe they anticipated chasing birds but either way we were off in a hurry.

This meadow is beautiful but we stay away in the summer because it is a bog and due to the rain it was a swampy mess. The snow was hiding deep mud puddles and there is even a couple little rivers out there. Glad I had on my snow boots because Saturn was hauling balls and Titan running just as fast, then there was me with a twenty pound pack and all my snow gear, I was barely able to keep up let alone dodge the holes.

This sounds crazy but was actually pretty fun, we eventually moved on to the paved trail and walked a bit. I will admit I was trying to slide on the icy spots as often as possible, cannot wait to bust out the snowboard! Once back in the groove we stopped in the tunnel and took a breath and some pics.

Now we were off to a new trail a friend posted about mountain biking on. It was silent and peaceful and a reminder of how lucky I really am to be able to experience nature like this. The trail is cut in nicely and with a slight dusting of snow was an easy walk. Or would have been had these strong boys not been tied to my waist.

Up the hills over the river rock and then came the downhill. It was slippery and they were moving fast. All I remember was thinking oh man this is gonna hurt, the next thing I knew I was sliding on my knee and then there was a HUGE rounded river rock! BAM! I was commanding them to stop but they in typical husky fashion were focused on the trail and moving and I had no brake and apparently no resistance. As I was sliding I got back to my feet and headed for the biggest tree I could see to stop our momentum. They stopped and looked at me like what the hell! I caught my breath sucked up the pain and we moved on.

We came to a snow covered bridge and instincts took over, they were hauling and I just sat back a bit and skied across. I seriously cannot wait for there to be about a foot of snow so I can do this on my board! We made it to the bottom of the trail, then there was grass, do you think they were stopping? Nope, therefore neither was I, that is until my feet went out from under me and I was sliding down the hill like we did as kids. Well probably not as gracefully as we did as kids! Haha! And with no brake I was along for the ride until we got to the bottom.

Whoa overall what a rush, next time I am loosing the pack, and bringing my ice cleats or my snowboard!

Thanks for reading! Onto our next adventure, from two tails and a Mom!

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