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Huskies DO NOT Like Water… 不不不

The morning air was cool, in the 40s and we had plans to play at the park with the girls sister. She wasnt feeling well and I knew today would be a good training day, so we were all for it. We got lucky and Blyss called, she wanted to go run. Cool! Not what I had planned but it would be a fun adventure and she makes a pretty good handler in training.

Now keep in mind all of us need to ease back into training, weve been couch bound most of the summer, except a few short runs here and there and playing at the park we are all out of shape.

We started out with Phoebe leading Saturn hooked up to Blyss which is a good combination but she is easily distracted and constantly looking for approval. (Phoebe, not Blyss)

She has leader qualities but at this point she needs to build confidence. She ran about a mile in lead but started wandering and trying to run anywhere but straight, smelling everywhere.

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Titan and Caly were hooked to me, and the two of them together is like hooking up to a Mac Truck! I mean really they have some serious torque. I had Titan at lead and wanted to neckline Caly but they were so excited they were getting all tangled up just trying to hook up. My hands were wet and Titan ended up pulling the line right out of my hand, and I just freaking washed my jacket, which is now covered in blood because they ripped my finger open. Normally I would stop and at clean it up but they were moving so fast I had to put it out of my mind and just pay attention to them.

I was pleased, no tangles! When they run together I dont think they barley even touch the ground with their front feet for the first mile. Titan pulling like a tractor at the county mud-bog and Caly matching him step for step, truly nothing like this feeling. Okay maybe if you hooked up to a truck and leaned back to try and slow it down you would be close, but this is much more exciting.

About a mile in, we made a pit stop and put Saturn in lead, hooked Phoebe up to the neck line and we were off again. They are ready to run their asses off with the exception of other dogs on the trail! Seriously, I need to get them to understand ONBY! It is going to take some work.

Phoebe started running perfectly once necklined, and Saturn was kicking ass and tanking names. We hit the bridge and the tide was out so it is mainly fresh water running out the ocean. I took all four of them and hit a trail off road. This is most definitely Saturns forte. I think we will go to the dirt every time from now on.

Having all four pups attached to me might seem crazy, but they listen to me and for the most part do what I ask, we were flying up this muddy trail and I seen a place where they could get a drink. I yelled WHOA and GET A DRINK! Saturn misjudged it and SPLASH! He was swimming! HAHAHA he was like OMG! THIS IS NOT FUNNY MOM! He jumped across the little river while everyone else stood in the river looking at him like Dude WTF is your deal? He must have just hit that perfect spot that had a deep little hole.

When we were ready to head back to the main trail, I had to coax Saturn back across and he opted for jumping the river. He was like I am NOT getting WET again, he went all Air Jordan! I didnt know he could make a jump that far! Good boy Saturn!

Back on the path we had to swap Titan and Caly and neckline Titan because he was going everywhere, totally distracted. Caly seized the opportunity and took control right away; she is going to be a phenomenal leader. She listens, checks back on me and the team and when she feels them slacking she speeds it up to keep everyone, including me on the ball.

Then we took this selfie! LMAO Good thing our dogs run straight when I’m trying to get a pic running them!

Overall the run was a success! Things we learned? Baited water really increases stamina and keeps everyone hydrated well. Off road is a better option for running. It is always better to have two people than just me. I need a small pocket first aid kit

We plan on doing a little hike tomorrow with the girls, their first outing! We will take lots of pics and bring you an interesting tale from trail!

Thanks for reading!
Four Tails and a Mom

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