How To Dressout An Animal

It’s funny, you never know what topic will strike us and at what moment. Today we were plugging along when we came across a question someone had asked about cleaning a deer. Most of the responses were unhelpful and didn’t include any detail. One even referred to bathing it in the bath tub! 😲 For us that seems wrong, if we know what to do we should help by sharing our knowledge.

Up until now we hadn’t included this for our readers because it’s a skill our dad’s taught us, as did their fathers. Considering their are many new hunters out there and people who are interested but don’t know what to do, we decided to include this short guide on what to do.

When hunting we always gut our animals in the field, we use a very sharp knife with a gut hook on it.

There are however various approaches one could take and Mark recommends doing as much as possible with it hanging in the comfort of your garage, in that case you would only need to pull the bladder and intestines out in the field. This is a good option on flat land when your hunting say, white tails and can back right up to them and haul them away quickly.

In my case, we generally were high on a mountain and did everything we could to lighten the load. In this instance, regardless of the type of animal your after fully cleaning the animal in the field will prevent spoilage and make it a whole lot easier to carry out!

First you cut the wind pipe and cut around the anus, then make an incision at the bottom of the breast plate. From there you use the gut hook to open up the stomach area, be very careful not to hit any internal organs, as this can contaminate the meat and spoil it. Pull the hook along the skin gently, once this is finished you can pull out the innards, the heart and liver are eatable organs and can be saved along with the meat.

It’s a pretty easy process, and if you’ve done it once, you’ll never forget.

Happy hunting!

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