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Have You Ever Had One of Those Moments When You Really Needed A Flashlight?

It’s 2 degrees below zero and the sun went down at three o’clock after its bright but brief 5 hour appearance. You just got off work and are headed home to make your family dinner and hear about your kids day. You hit a chunk of ice and your tire blows out, what do you do? If you’re like me you pull over, bust out your iPhone and use that light to see whats happening. Now, I can tell you from experience, this will work for about five minutes before your phone shuts off from the cold and leaves you in the dark.

The solution? Throwing a bad ass light in my emergency gear bag to go with my headlamp. You may ask, why would I need this in addition to a headlamp and iPhone? Because it is made for extreme environments, has a running time of YEARS on AAA batteries, which is the same thing my head light runs on and with 5 modes of light including a strobe and SOS can mean staying alive in certain situations. Additionally, for anyone who knows me knows I break everything, but not this! It has a “virtually indestructible aluminum housing”! Like I said BAD ASS!

Are there other lights out there? For sure, many decent lights exist but not many have all the quality of this one. I like the fact it has an adjustable zoom, LED super bright bulb and the strong housing. It is a great all around tool that can be used in various survival and tactical situations. Everyone should have one in their gear bag!



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