Did We Find InvinciShroom in Mario Land?

Today like yesterday was a little chilly to start out with, but we had a bit of a late start so it was a good thing. Titan and Saturn stayed at home for this trip because I had tried to hike it with them last summer and I basically skied down the hill, in the dirt on my hiking shoes. This would be totally cool except for the massive tree roots on the trail; it is something I would describe as a little intense.

It is the first time the girls have been on an incline hike, so we used the boy’s RoughWear harnesses with a carrying handle, resized to fit… I can’t believe how much these babies have grown!

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The Webmaster harnesses are pretty bad ass, but I have to tell you. When I put it on Caly, she was like what the hell is this! It feels weird and I want it OFF! It was hysterical. She immediately jumped up and ran to the Big Joe, jumping sideways and rolling all around on it trying to get the harness off, when that didn’t work she jumped straight up like a cat and then somehow propelled herself to the chair to repeat the process. It took her a few minutes to get used to the feeling of the “offensive” harness.

Once we hit the trail everything was serene. The sounds of the river flowing, squirrels chirping, the smell of fresh air and the morning chill. It really doesn’t get much better than this!
Hiking about a half mile of flat ground was easy for Phoebe and Caly, when we got on the uphill they had to learn to focus. I frequently had to pick them up by their handy handles and line them out.

I can’t figure out why, but they love to root around in the mud and eat roots, it’s so weird! Maybe they are like ginseng roots and give them a little high or boost. I am usually very cautious and always hope they don’t eat a poisonous mushroom, and so far they have been good about it, but we are on constant mushroom watch. If this forest truly were Mario Land he would have an abundance of extra lives and Invincishrooms, because they are everywhere. We even found some looking like UFO’s crashed into the side of trees.

We found a cool makeshift shelter too!

About half way up, we ran into a Y in the trail, and there were no markers so we opted for the straight up trail. We quickly found out it was an old off road mountain bike trail, with obstacles and embankments on the switchbacks.

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The steep inclines proved to be a bit tasking because the girls were like little cows stopping to eat anything they could chew on, and then there is me sliding backwards on the muddy hills. Trying to get them up and going.

Once we ran out of trail we realized we had definitely taken the wrong path because we never made it above the tree line. So we turned around. Downhill was a blast! The girls had a new focus and were running with me swaying and turning with the carved out trail. At this point I was happy we had taken the wrong path because we were having so much fun!

Phoebe is still a bit timid, she constantly is looking for approval while Caly goes at it full speed ahead.

The trail down went much faster than the hike, and the girls were focused. They like running as much as the boys do!

We were pretty satisfied overall, the hike was eventful the girls did really good even though they had a hard time focusing on the way up and we all came home satisfied and hungry. As for the boys, they are going on a run in a few minutes, to catch up on their exercise. They didn’t chew anything up but Titan did express his displeasure when I was leaving. He watched my pull away from the window and made me feel SO bad, but overall they did okay staying home.

Things we learned, Baited water while good for the run, didn’t have enough calories and protein in it for the hike. We need to find a better balance depending on what activity we are attempting. Titan hates being left home. Downhill is fun as long as you’re on your feet, and being outside is better than anything inside!

Thanks for following along! Four Tails and a Mom

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