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A couple a days of catching up to do!

Day 1

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Yesterday we canicrossed again, it was a blast! The boys hit 1.5 miles and the girls 1 mile, mostly because Mom is out of shape. The runs went generally good.

Titan and Saturn ran like the wind, and Saturn is getting skinny again so he was pulling super hard. We hit 12.9 MPH top speed! OMG SERIOUSLY I did that on my feet! Thanks for the boost boys!

I was super proud of them when we ran past a house with two big dogs and they started to go over there. I kept on the Onby and they did great! Good Boys!

The girls were next, we were cruising along and went a bit farther than we usually do which confused them. We geed around and headed back to their favorite watering hole. The grass on the way is tall and a layer of frost was covering it, all of a sudden Caly running full speed, dove head first into the grass and started rolling around!

It struck me so funny I almost had to sit down I was laughing so hard! I know this is a bad practice to get into, but seriously you guys, I could not stop laughing at her. She kept rolling around for like an entire minute, on her back! Crazy little dog! She is going to make a great leader some day but I’m hoping she isn’t our flat tire! 😂

Once we were finished with the grass rendezvous, we were back on track. Hitting the watering hole, getting feet wet, and cooling off; then, back on the trail. Top speed for the girls was 12.1 MPH.

If I could keep the pace these kids would be going crazy, but its better that we maintain about a 10 minute mile and they learn to pace themselves. Therefore, I don’t feel too bad about not being able to run 12 MPH the entire mile. 😁

Overall, our hiccups besides Caly’s flat tire, is an ongoing process of the girls fighting each other while running. It hasn’t involved aggressive fighting since they were in heat but they definitely banter… This is not good and we need to work on it. Mostly we went on without any troubles.

Next time, we will be bikejoring, one team of two at a time! Look forward to those tales from the trails, from four tails and a mom!

Day 2

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Okay, okay I know we were going to bikejor but we got lucky, had some snow and I figured what the hell. We couldn’t use our new bad ass sled yet because we don’t have enough snow, but I still have old trusty, a kids sled from like ten years ago we use on the bike path.

So we were off! I ran Saturn and Phoebe together first. We got some good pics, and they were hitting 10 mph in some spots with an average of 5. I wanted to practice commands so we went down the driveway several times to get Phoebe used to the sound and get her focused.

The air was perfect, just below freezing so the sled plastic was fast, we took off down the drive way and went ha. They stayed right in the middle where the traction was good on a patch of snow. Saturn pulled really hard, and I was very impressed with Phoebe’s reaction to the noise. She stayed right with Saturn and listened very well.

After about 30 minutes of playing Probably a half mile or maybe more we headed back and hooked up Caly and Titan. They were fantastic! I didn’t get any shots of them because my iPhone got cold and died. I suspect it is because they are so fast with the wind chill and it said nope. LOL!

They made a couple of driveway runs but then they decided they wanted to go for it, and I let them. We made it close to a mile on the trail and I made them turn around, they were very displeased with this fact. The entire way back home I could not get them lined out. Titan tried to hit every driveway and backwoods trail he could find. Caly tried to line him out but she is young and he was to stubborn, so what did she do? Joined in!!!

Little shits! Next time maybe I will just hook up everyone, throw on my ice cleats and go for it! Only time will tell… 🙂

Until next time, Thanks for reading! Four tails and a Mom

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