How To Dressout An Animal

It’s funny, you never know what topic will strike us and at what moment. Today we were plugging along when […]

Winterize Your Home

Inside your home you will want to ensure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are maintained properly. Monthly tests are […]

Your Access to Food

One thing to consider about living off grid is your access to food We recently spent about a week at […]

Necklines and Tangles

Yesterday was a long day for the kids; they got up and rode in the dog van to Anchorage. I […]

Whatever You Do, DO NOT Panic!

It is dark, dead silent, every tiny sound reverberating through the woods. Then you hear it, voices, your senses are […]

Crazy Fire Hack

What do we have in our gear bag!? This is an everyday item we take pretty much everywhere. We heeded […]