About Us

As a couple of wanderers, we traveled through almost every state in the United States plus the Yukon, Alberta, BC into Alaska; from Highway 1 to Dalton Highway to the End of the Road in Homer we’ve seen and lived in every place in between.

Living in various cultures and conditions has molded us into the people we are today. You know the kind that love to help everyone but also want a cabin in the woods with Wi-Fi. It is true, solitude and self-sufficiency really can be good for one’s soul!

So where did we land? Fairbanks Alaska in the dead of winter, completely off grid, we’re talking haul your own water 30 miles on icy roads in -30 degree weather, cut wood for heat, and run a generator if you want to use the toaster!

We learned what it takes to function in an off grid environment. One of the biggest benefits of this experience was putting all our skills to work repairing and installing off grid electrical and plumbing systems while experiencing extreme conditions. In return we learned to can food from locals and found ways to budget and become free from the overwhelming and exhausting pressures of societal expectations.

While we have moved to South Central Alaska we still enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and live to do crazy things like mush dogs, hike mountain tops, and relentlessly look for gold. Our passion for building, creating, and helping others catapulted us to creating an information hub that includes the aspects we learned from living off grid, surviving, and maintaining a self-sustaining lifestyle. Providing you with the most up to date news and advice to living off grid, surviving in the event of an emergency, and sharing our experiences with the gear we use on our crazy adventures.