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Portable Solar Power
So, you bought your badass pack and are ready to go hiking but do you have everything you need? How do you know? We went out and asked the professionals, what do you think a person should have in their pack?

According to LT Johnson of the Tooele County Sheriff’s department there is a list of items one can pack to save their lives in a survival situation. Water and a Protein snack are obvious and top the list but just having water to drink is not sufficient. You should carry at the least purifying tablets, or the purifying straw, this is gaining popularity because of its light weight and size. A knife or some sort of multi-tool may protect you and or prove necessary for a food source.

Survival expert Mark Robertson, said a space blanket and some type of saw and fire starter to keep you warm and something to get the attention of rescuers are some things people easily overlook when packing their base kits.

They both agree having a GPS with some type of rescue alert is not a necessity but can be vital to your survival and chances of rescue. The major issue with this is ensuring you have charged batteries. You can invest into a solar powered charger, but the good old compass and a mirror or whistle may be your best bet if your don’t have access to a power source.
Portable Solar Power

The entire list they put together contained the following.

· Multi-tool or Knife

· GPS and batteries

· Compass

· Fire Starter

· Whistle

· Mirror

· Space Blanket

· Saw of some sort to cut wood

· Water and or Water Purification System/Tablets

· Ibuprofen or Tylenol and or First aid kit

· Rain gear

· High calorie snack

· Flash light

My pack always includes most of the list and I use light weight fire starters such as Vaseline covered cotton balls and a lighter, plus bear spray, a fishing hook and some line, and Para-cord. Overall, most of these were already in my pack however I will be adding a couple of space blankets and rain gear.

It is good to always keep in mind the terrain and climate, what I pack for an Alaskan adventure is not the same as packing for a Utah desert adventure, however these base items would be in my pack no matter the environmental factors and while they are basic they can save your life in the event of an emergency.

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